Erotic Services

Erotic Services


I am excited to announce changes in the services and also products that I offer!

Natane Marie’s Erotic Services

Virtual cam sessions:

1 way: $50  for me watching you. Sexy flirty attire and dirty talk for you included! 20 minutes

2 way: $100 for  simultaneously virtual date. You will see me me in sexy attire, dirty talk,  role play, sex toys and climax included! 20 minutes

Add 10 extra minutes for $30

Upgrade to PSE session: Hardcore BDSM type, matching attire, roll play, greek sex toy showing $200 for 20 minutes $30 for each additional 10 minutes.

Sexting and phone sex:

Phone sex for 1 or more people! I love to talk to couples while they are having sex!

Sexting and phone sex must be scheduled  to ensure I am available. Payment must be made prior to session. Rate for calls and sexting are  $3 per minute.

Pics can be added to sexting starting at $10.

My pretty panties: I have quite the collection of panties and you can purchase them with or with out my scent! I can choose with ones or you can choose what style and color! Panties are $15

A pic of me wearing the panties that you purchae can be printed and added to your shipment! Printed pic is $15

I share my toys: I am happy to send you 1 of my toys after I am finished using it! I will seal it in an airtight plastic package to ensure freshness!

Prices start at $20 depending on the type of toy! A photo of me playing with the toy can be added for $50

Take a picture it lasts longer: All of my photo are for sale. Custom photos can be taken and sent to you digitally or printed. You specify what you would like in the photo and I will have it taken and sent to you. Depending on the custom requests the price will vary. My ad photos start at $15

My intimate pic of my assistant Stacy Staxxx and I  is available as well! 

My closet: Any of my clothes and shoes in my photos or special requests clothing can be purchased! I will be adding some photos of clothing for sale soon. Email me with requests and I will supply prices.