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My name is Natane (pronounced Na-tawney) Marie and I would like to personally thank you for your interest in me! I am a very unique entertainer/companion. I am an exotic mix

of American Indian and Irish. I have long natural dark brunette hair and rare blue eyes. I am 5’3, 130 lbs with no tattoos. I have a small frame with very perky full B cup chest a

small waist which leads down to curvaceous hips and my infamous derriere that I am so well known for and strong thighs! I am well spoken capable of carrying an intelligent

conversation and love to talk about many things!  My many stellar reviews and excellent reputation reinforces my words.

I am now available on webcam, text, or phone sessions as

well as in person encounters. I also sell sexy merchandise and you will soon be able to purchase items right here on my site! You can also find me on my Facebook page Natane Marie Fan Page, Twitter Natane Marie Twitter, Switter @NataneMarie , Instagram Natane Marie Instagram, Google+, Youtube, Niteflirt and Chaturbate! I encourage you to read

my websites entirely to learn about available merchandise, services and announcements as to when I will be interacting on each site as well as availability to schedule an

encounter! Please indulge in my photo gallery! Many new photos will be rolling out very soon!                                                                                                                                                                                                 ~Natane Marie~

*Please be polite when contacting me and I will reply in the same manner.


*Disrobing one another was a deliciously slow process interrupted by deep kisses, by touching and stroking, by sweet words and shared smiles. Naked, we lay entwined on the bed, fondling one another and talking. We talked about unfulfilled sexual fantasies. Natane had her hand between my legs as she kissed my cheek and neck and whispered into my ear. We talked about making our erotic dreams come true. I rolled over, straddling her on all fours as I licked and kissed my way down her body, adoring each breast and her ribcage and belly. I tongued her belly button jewelry and found myself at her already wet, smoothly shaven mound, and I slid my hands beneath her amazing ass. Natane’s derriere is one of her physical blessings–more than a bubble butt, Natane’s bottom is firmly curved and just so, so sexy. I squeezed those delightful cheeks and flicked my tongue over her shiny, wet, lower lips. She moved sensually, making soft, sexy sounds. I looked up the lovely topography of her body to her breasts that she was cupping and squeezing. I spent a long time between her legs, and as my movements increased in intensity so did her responses. She squeezed my head with her thighs, she arched her back, she became increasingly vocal, bucking and encouraging me with both her body and her words. I don’t like fake moaning nor fake, big O’s–Natane’s enjoyment of my ministrations was convincingly genuine. We were in harmony, joining at the intersection of give and take. Her juices flowed. In the lovely aftermath of subsiding breath, I took my time working my way back up her body. Again we kissed–she wanted the taste of herself from my lips and tongue–then we cuddled intensely. Natane talked sizzlingly about what what we were yet to do together. She took me in her mouth, and I can’t remember being so totally made love to by a woman’s lips, tongue, mouth and hands. She took me from her lips to her throat while her fingers stroked me below and squeezed and slid with her lips. No longer young and quick to finish, I had the prolonged pleasure of Natane’s pleasurings. Eventually, I drew her back up my body, and we kissed passionately.
Natane was better prepared than the best Boy Scout. She had condoms of every size and color and flavor, as well as female condoms that I had wanted to try. She told me how she had to hold the female condom in place and hoped I would not mind if her fingers strayed while she had her hand down there. Believe me, I did not object to that prospect. I was glad she brought such a bounty of protection, and, again, glad that I am so slow to finish. I’ve been with providers who seemed to grow impatient with my long lasting enjoyment of different positions–the gamut from missionary to doggy–but Natane was definitely in no hurry the evening I shared with her.

Between bouts of all our activities, we paused to sip wine and exchange sexy talk and deep kisses and amazing touches. When I filled in the form above, I listed the donation and the amount of time Natane and I had agreed upon, but she generously gave me much more time in her company. When I mentioned that I was well past my hour with her, she told me not to even think about time. “I wouldn’t still be here,” she said, “If I weren’t enjoying myself.” Some time later, Natane spread my legs and got comfortable there, up on her elbows to look directly into my face while stroked me with one hand, foldled me below with the other, and used her lips and tongue to tease and please. When she paused for air, she told me in detail things she wanted to do to and with me, her intense fantasizing amplifying the physical pleasure she was giving me. When her story, and I, reached a climax, she smiled radiantly and ran her tongue up and down to capture every drop. I watched that amazing ass sway as she walked slightly on her tip toes to the bathroom. When she returned, I watched her perky breasts and the sway of her naval jewels and her glossy, smooth V between her perfect thighs.

Natane handed me a washcloth she’d run under hot water and squeezed out. To my surprise, instead of dressing, she slid back into the bed. We cuddled, talked, kissed softly, and I gazed down at the lovely woman warm and naked against me. She finally rose and dressed, doing so in and for my view–almost as erotic as watching her undress had been. Naked, I walked her to the door and we embraced and kissed not “goodbye” but “until next time.”

In the best ways possible, Natane is a full-grown woman, not a giggly babe who keeps her emotional distance. Very naughty, and very nice, Natane was more fully with me than any provider I’ve ever met. To say she is not a clock watcher doesn’t begin to describe how she was so much into the moment(s) that our encounter became timeless. I had to remind her to take the envelope that still lay, untouched, on the dresser. If I lived anywhere in Kentucky, Natane would be the only provider I would see from now on. I’ll find reasons to make the journey to her as often as possible. Her beauty is beyond cheerleader or beauty queen or porn star kind of superficial perfection. She is thoroughly real. More than giving me “the girlfriend experience,” Natane was, for one evening (and I’ll make sure it won’t be the only evening), the girlfriend I always fantasized about having.

**Where to start? Natane Marie IS the BEST provider I have ever met, she is so wonderful that I must admit, I am already ADDICTED to her after just one visit! I texted her on a Friday morning, we got my screening taken care of and scheduled for an hour session for the next morning at 9am. The anticipation kept me awake most of the night, I kept admiring her pictures. The next morning came and I got up way too early (4:30am) and decided to hit the gym to kill time – what a bad idea. I took a shower about an hour before the appointment and headed over to her place. I texted her when I got there, she gave me her room number and I headed up – nervous, as if I was about to meet a blind date out of a Penthouse magazine!! When I walked in the door she was behind the door wearing very sexy lingerie (well, it was just lingerie buy this lady can probably make anything look sexy on her) she greeted me with a nice hug and asked me to get comfortable – believe or not, the first thing I noticed was her eyes, she has the prettiest eyes I have seen. I took my coat off, she noticed I was nervous and asked me to relax – before I knew it we were on the bed kissing like two lovers who haven’t seen each other for ages. She is an amazing kisser, my hands started to travel her luscious body while we continue to DFK for quite a while. I had to take a step back and look at her again for I could still not believe this was actually happening… I looked at here wonderful juicy booty which looked even better than it did on her pictures, I tapped myself on my chin while she wasn’t looking (I think she wasn’t looking) to verify that I wasn’t dreaming. She tried to undo my belt (I use an unusual belt – had to assist her while I stared at her beautiful eyes once more. We got undressed and jumped on the bed. I could not resist and had to go for DATY. We ended up in a 69 which was out of this world, she is very responsive. I was on my back while she rode my face, I kept my eyes open the whole time and the view was amazing, beautify booty right on my face while I enjoying her with all of my senses. I could not resist any longer and exploded but my appetite was not yet satisfied so I continued until she seemed satisfied as well. She put a cover on and we tried a few positions, it was then that I realized working out for 2.5hrs before meeting this energetic, beautiful and exiting woman is a very, very bad idea. I am in my early 30s and in pretty good shape so I thought I could do that, I was wrong. I was out of energy and so was my partner, this was the first time this has happened to me, needless to say, it was very embarrassing moment for me. Fortunately for me, I was not just with any provider but with NATANE MARIE! She asked if there was anything she could do, so I asked her to give me another BJ. She immediately took the cover off and got down to business. That was all I needed, she continued to give me an even better CBJ than the first one!! She kept giving me this look that just made my knees tremble with every action… I could not hang very long and exploded once more. But, did she stop there? NO! She kept on going until there was nothing left in me, I felt like I was going to fall on my knees. She helped me clean up and we laid in bed for a while and had a very interesting conversation. I left her room with a big smile, feeling great and satisfied for days! I have never had this effect from being with any other providers nor girlfriends… NATANE MARIE is an amazing woman, I would keep her to myself if I could! If you think about giving her a try, I would say just do it, you will not be sorry! I know I wasn’t. I have great experiences before but nothing like this one. I have also had sessions where I feel a regret as soon as I leave the place – some times because the lack of service, lack of effort/beauty of the provider (compared to her add pictures) and many times it just feels like a waste of time and money – not with NATANE MARIE!!! Anyways, I could keep on talking about her for pages and pages… but I’ll leave it at that for now. P.S. did I mention she is beautiful, sweet, smart and has mad skills?
***Saw Natane Marie’s ad on EROS and immediately was getting in touch. I remembered that she really prefered “texting” and she still does and she was texting back quickly. She was going to be in Lexington so we worked out the time and as usual she was in an upscale hotel. Her new website had some pics from before and some new ones and when she opened the door she looked as fantastic as I recalled. She greeted me at the door in super sexy white lingerie and with a big hug and great kiss! Once she looked at me with those intense blue eyes and that sexy smile, I knew I was back with the wonderful GFE that gives her all to our time together. We spent some time catching up with each other while holding, kissing and enjoying some erotic exploring. The anticipation became overwhelming and I was soon exploring her incredible body with my hands and my tongue. DATY with Natane Marie was a rewarding experience for both of us, over and over again and was followed by her rewarding me with an incredible BJ. She obviously loves receiving and giving. We moved on to more exploring and finally ended with multiple positions and an over the top explosion!! I will see this beautiful, intensely sexual and very fun woman again and again. I noticed some interesting new “options” on her website that will I’m sure make future visits very erotically adventurious and enlightening.