Hello to all of my fellow entertainers! I believe that women should support each other and build each other so that we all succeed.

On this page you will find how I am happy to help.

Reference friendly: I am always happy to give you a detailed reference on potential clients. I do give you all information about the client (good, bad, or ugly) as I always hope that fellow providers will do the same for me.  Please just email or text 859-444-4753


Booking assistance: I offer assistance in screening, booking, advertising, travel arrangements and more. My team and I offer the support that you need so that you have more time and energy to focus on you and your business. We can customize as little or as much assistance as you need. To inquire please email me at or text 859-444-4753


Courtesan Consultation: Ladies who are looking into getting into the business I am your personal consultant. I offer a couple of training packages. Please email me to inquire.

After close to a decade in the entertainment business I have met with and networked with other professionals from many backgrounds such as photographers, other providers, attorneys, personal trainers, and more and I am always willing to share my experience and recommendations with these professionals. I have listed some with their permission but some I cannot list for obvious reasons but I am happy to share via email.

Friends: All of these ladies are women that I have worked with in 1 way or another and not only had positive experiences with but also have become friends with. By having them listed on my website I am personally vouching for each 1 of these ladies professionalism and upscale reputation.


Megan Love: Based in Nashville


Megan Love is an elite Nashville companion who is also down to earth, witty, classy and will tell you what’s on her mind. She loves good conversation and good wine. She also travels when invited!


Tobi Telford: Based in Cincinnati

Alexandra Kole: Based in Cincinnati

Karmyn Banks:  Based in Cincinnati

Alex Amore Baltimore: Based in Baltimore



Megan Love

Megan Love is top rated boudoir/adult photographer who specializes in escort photography. Her images help boost your business, get a better class of clients as well as making you stand out and be unique. She captures your true personality!


Personal Trainers:

Female trainer: Cincinnati based email for details

Male trainer: Cincinnati based email for details